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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

We try our best to insure that all the information you should need is easily obtained via this website. However, should you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us

Do you install your buildings?

Our steel garages are delivered in kit form for self-assembly

Is delivery included in the price?

Delivery is free in the UK, Ireland, France and Belgium.

What is the delivery time?

Delivery is normally 4 weeks from order date.

Can I add roof lights to the roof?

Roof lights are only included on request as they can give rise to condensation.

Do I need a forklift to unload the garage?

Two people are required to unload the lorry by hand. A forklift is not necessary.

How is the building secured to concrete base?

100mm anchor bolts are used to secure our buildings to the concrete slab.

Can I choose my own colour combination?

Yes you can, just make a comment on the order form.

What size concrete base do I need?

The concrete base should be the exact size of the building you choose e.g. 5x6m garage (30m2) base should be 5.0m wide x 6.0m long.

What is the depth of concrete base?

100mm to 150 mm is required.

Can I choose where to put the service door?

Yes, you can place the service door in the desired location.

Is service door included in the price?

One service door is included in all garage buildings.

Can we add an electric motor to the roller door?

Yes electric motor can be added to all roller doors. See optional extras.

Can we change the wall height?

Yes, we can increase the wall height to maximum of 3.6 m

Do you supply insulation?

We can offer 40mm Kingspan composite panel.

Do you supply assembly drawings?

Detailed drawings are provided for assembly purposes.

Do you make custom sizes?

Yes, we can make custom buildings to suit your requirements.

Can I place an order by phone?

Yes you can place your order by phone.

Can I pay a deposit?

You can pay 50% deposit to confirm your order with the remainder paid so cleared funds are available on the day of delivery.

Do you deliver to Belgium?

Yes, we offer free delivery to Belgium.

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