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Steel Buildings

Are you looking for steel buildings in the UK? Then you came to the right place.

Our selection of quality steel buildings

We have three steel frame buildings at the moment to suit a variety of needs, all of which can be customised to your personal style. They are also designed to cope with everything the British weather has to throw at them, even if that’s sometimes four seasons in one day. They have an eight-layer anti-corrosion protection, plus a Dripstop condensation barrier, rain gutters, and downpipes.

As they’re so adept at dealing with the rain, sleet, and snow, it won’t surprise you to learn that our high-quality steel buildings are designed to last. In fact, they all come with a 20-year anti-corrosion guarantee.

You can learn more about them by clicking the links below, but we’ll give you an overview here.

The 9m x 12m is our biggest steel frame building, so it gives you plenty of space and could be particularly useful in an industrial setting. This might mean storing equipment on farms or builder’s yards, serving as a warehouse for an import-export business, or even being used as a spacious workshop for a team of creatives. (Don’t worry, all our buildings can be modified to add insulation if people will be in here for a long time.)

The 9m x 9m is a nice medium size that could be used for storage, a garage, or even a workspace. The limit is your imagination.

The 6m x 9m is the smallest steel building that we have for sale and it could fit on your residential property for storage or to serve as a garage. It could even provide some extra space in your home by being the site of your home office or gym.

How long do steel buildings last?

We noted above that our steel buildings come with a 20-year guarantee against corrosion, but that’s really the minimum. They could last decades, so long as they don’t suffer any kind of accidental damage, like reversing a tractor into them.

Are steel buildings cheaper than wood?


Sorry, you probably wanted something more expansive. The steel buildings created in the UK are far cheaper than wood because they cost less to create and ship.

Wood takes more time and labour to produce because it involves waiting for a tree to grow, cutting it into planks, staining it, weatherproofing it, and then finally shipping the heavy product to you for assembly.

On the other hand, steel buildings take far less labour to create because so much is done by machine. It’s also much lighter, so it costs less to ship and you’re able to construct it yourself without consulting a professional, which saves you money after the fact.

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