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Steel Shed 3m x 5m

Steel Shed 3m x 5m


Steel garden shed

3m x 5m

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This 3-metre by 5-metre steel garden shed is one of the most popular garden sheds here in the United Kingdom. With its robust structure and extra height, it makes a great addition to any garden for both storage or as a small workshop. Delivered in a flatpack kit with detailed assembly drawings.

Order today and have your new shed delivered in less than 6 weeks.


3.10 m Wide

5.00 m Long

2.05 m Eaves

2.40 m Ridge


All our products include VAT and delivery (Their are no hidden charges) to UK mainland including Northern Ireland. But exclude Scotland & islands. Delivery is normally made within 6 weeks upon receipt of your order.Though it may be subject to situations beyond our control. Hales freight delivery crew will contact you in advance to arrange an exact  time and date for delivery.You are responsible for unloading. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


Extremely strong galvanized steel portal frame.


Detailed CAD drawings provided for easy assembly.


Dripstop condensation barrier is fitted to the roof.

Eight layers of protection.

10-year anti-corrosion guarantee with our sheds.

Roller door

150 cm wide roller door.


All bolts, screws, anchor bolts, brackets, coloured screw caps, required to complete your steel garage.

Concrete base

Pour a concrete base where the shed will be assembled and ensure the base is dry before building your shed.



How much can you fit in a 3m x 5m shed?

There is plenty of room in a 3 X 5-metre garden shed for almost anything you might need to store, from power tools to plants to paddling pools. It’s a great size for most people as it can provide tons of storage, without taking up your entire garden. Perfect for making your garden look tidy again.

If you’re looking for more than just storage, this could be a great place for a home workshop or office, as they can be linked up to your house’s electricity. This might be an especially good option if you have younger kids or there are a lot of people living in your home.

It’s also remarkably secure because the galvanised steel will be hard to get through, so there’s no need to worry about your laptop or other costly equipment being stolen.

How long do steel sheds last?

Our 3 X 5-metre garden shed has a 20-year guarantee, but it will likely far surpass that because our small garden shed kit has eight layers of protection to guard against corrosion and make your shed safe for years to come.


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